Thursday, July 06, 2006

What Is This?

I want this plant for my yard. Do you know what it is?


Poppy Cede said...

Allo! It looks live fallen over Astilbe...weird. It's bigger than any Astilbe I've ever seen, though.

Jay said...

It looks like a plastic Christmas tree. I suggest Woolworths. Or maybe K-Mart for you.

goldennib said...

Poppy: We will see if you are right, cus' this morning on the way to work, I passed one of the many garden shops along the way and guess what they had out front...this very plant. So, I am stopping on the way home to get one. I'll let you know.

Jay: A friend of mine said I should have only plastic plants. She said they are less work than watering real plants. But fake plants need to be dusted and I HATE dusting. Are you suggesting Christmas in July? We have that here, do you have that there?