Monday, October 01, 2007

October's Theme - Harvest

At the beginning of each month, I will choose and post a theme I will use for photograph ideas and study. I will post at least one picture every Wednesday morning. Play along. Let me know if you do.

The theme for October is Harvest.

Last month's theme was One.

Scroll down to see last month's photos. Come back Wednesday to see this month's first photo.


cindra said...

I'm back. Where are you? I don't see a picture.

Gonna go nap. I got stuck by a bazillion yellow jackets and the benadryl and itchy stinging feeling is too much.

I'll look again later. i wanted to play, but am toast today. I'll play next week though!

Nessa said...

Hi Cindra: Here's two since I'm so late.

I have been feeling a bit off the last couple days and we're very busy at work.

Enjoy your nap and there are no rules, just suggestions.

Scary Monster said...

Me not sure iffin me can do one every Wed. But Me will post at least one or two harvest photos from me files. Me gonna get on that tonight.


Nessa said...

Scary: They are just ideas to keep us motivated. No pressure to do one each week. I'll be looking for yours.