Monday, March 12, 2007

A Day At the Ocean

The Codes and QV
~ ~ ~
The lower end of Long Beach Island, New Jersey with Atlantic City in the background
~ ~ ~
Atlantic City, New Jersey
~ ~ ~
This house is a bargain at $180,000
~ ~ ~
~ ~ ~
Hi Tina and Bazza
~ ~ ~
The sun dancing on the water
~ ~ ~
The lower end of Island Beach State Park seen from Barnegat Lighthouse Park
~ ~ ~
Barnegat Lighthouse, Upper End of Long Beach Island, New Jersey
~ ~ ~
"Mine! Mine!" Do you know what this quote is from?
~ ~ ~
Can you see the Jersey Devil in the Pine Barrens?
~ ~ ~


DaBich said...

Uhh...what's a jersey devil? Other than a hockey player? ;)

Gorgeous pics!!!

Katie McKenna said...

is the Jersey devil brown?

I enjoyed seeing your pictures. I love being at the beach.. and lighthouses.. they are simply fabulous!

bazza27 said...

Thanks for the name check Nessa, lovely photo's. We're off to the seaside tomorrow, I'll try to take some piccy's but it's Mothers Day so I have to give most of my attention to Tina.

Tina Dray said...

wow! such beautiful photo's nessa you are certainly making good use of your new camara!!!!

goldennib said...

Dabich: Long ago, a woman gave birth to a child who was part devil with hooves, horns, wings and fur. She said the devil had visited her in the night. She could not control her son, who would escape the house late at night and roam the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Many people driving through the sandy forests at night have seen him.

Katie: Yes, he is brown and red from the blood dripping from his mouth.

Bazza: Our Mother's Day is in May. Have fun. I'll look for your pictures.

Tina: Happy Mother's Day. I thought my picture looked like yours, so I waved.

Doug said...

Great photos, Nessa.

Is Mine Mine from Jonathon Livingstone Seagull?

goldennib said...

Doug: Thanks. Yes, if JLS is the same as Finding Nemo.

Mustafa ┼×enalp said...