Saturday, February 10, 2007

Morning Distraction


Doug said...

Yeah, that'll draw some attention.

I like the look of your town, too.

Al said...

Is that a Cinnaminson fire truck?

My son lives in Delran.

goldennib said...

Doug: We even made the news.

Al: Yes, that is a Cinnaminson truck. They came down to cover the back of the fire which was on our street, plus they have the aerial ladder. We are in Delran, down by where the Delaware and Rancocas rivers split.

DaBich said...

I'm not with you on mornings! I LOVE mornings, I'm up at 4am weekdays, and sleep in till 6 or 7 weekends :)
I love your mug that says "That's MS. Bi*ch to you". I have one that ways, "You say I'm a bi*ch like it's a bad thing."
I love it!
I love all your pics, you're good!

goldennib said...

Dabich: I'm up at 4:30, but not happily. I always figured if Bitch was the worst I could be called I wasn't doing half bad. And thanks.